Yellowstone to Yukon

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German photographer Florian Schulz spent ten years photographing one of the world’s last intact mountain ecosystems: the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor, a 2,000-mile expanse in western North America along the spine of the Rockies. In his first book in the Braided River "Freedom to Roam" series, he promotes his passionate vision for the preservation of this wild land as one of the world’s first national wildlife corridors—open to migration and healthy throughout.

Through this project, Braided River seeks to ensure that the world-renowned wilderness, wildlife, and natural processes of the Yellowstone-to-Yukon region continue to function as an interconnected web of life. Freedom to Roam™: Yellowstone to Yukon was published in partnership with the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y), a guide and connector of over 290 partners in the United States and Canada. Officially created in 1997, Y2Y combines science and stewardship to maintain and restore the unique natural heritage of the Yellowstone to Yukon region.

Photography by Florian Schulz; essays by David Suzuki, David Quammen, Ted Kerasote, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Karsten Heuer, Douglas Chadwick, Rick Bass, Harvey Locke, and Gary Tabor. Published in partnership with the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. (November 2005).