The Wild Edge: Freedom to Roam the Pacific Coast

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Stretching along the jagged western edge of the North American continent, the Baja to Beaufort ecosystem encompasses a range of oceanic and coastal habitats, including rivers, estuaries, lagoons, forests, and other large interconnected landscapes. This region is also home to many migrating marine species—gray and blue whales, Pacific salmon, leatherback sea turtles, and bluefin tuna—that travel thousands of miles, seamlessly across national borders. They link north to south, the tropics to the Arctic, and even ocean to forest.

Through beautiful images and thoughtful essays from Florian Schulz, an introduction by Bruce Barcott, and epilogue by Philippe Cousteau, this project highlights the critical notion that ecosystems are interrelated—and that ecosystem health is wholly dependent upon the preservation of ecosystem connectivity.

Like other Braided River projects, The Wild Edge reaches beyond the printed page through photographer presentations and media outreach. Braided River is eager to collaborate with and offer communications support to on-the-ground conservation organizations working towards marine and coastal protection.