We Are the Arctic

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We Are the Arctic

Protecting the Coastal Plain

“We Are the Arctic” is a campaign to permanently protect the remote, life-sustaining coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

The Refuge is a sacred place for a centuries-old culture, and a powerful symbol of enduring serenity and peace. It is the birthing ground for caribou and polar bears. Adventurers seeking a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience will find it here. 

Our book, We Are the Arctic, showcases the vast beauty of this remarkable untouched wilderness through beautiful images from ten of the world’s best conservation photographers. And a fascinating range of voices, including DJ Spooky, Terry Tempest Williams, and former president Jimmy Carter, share, through eloquent essays, precisely why this place is so special to them. 

Every American has a stake in what happens to this public land along the wild edge of the Arctic Ocean, and, collectively, we face a choice: preserve the Arctic as the natural life-sustaining treasure as it has been for the lifetime of this planet, or, exploit it for what is estimated to be six months of American oil consumption.

We Are the Arctic invites all Americans to join the veterans, Latino conservationists, Native leaders, faith leaders, poets, outdoor adventurers, African Americans, scientists, photographers and children featured within this book in asking our elected officials for the strongest possible protection for the Arctic Refuge before the close of 2016. 

Featuring essays by:

  • Terry Tempest Williams; author, poet, Arctic activist
  • Paul Miller (DJ Spooky); Conceptual artist, musician, author, multi-media performer
  • Rue Mapp; founder, Outdoor Afro
  • Princess Lucaj; Gwich in leader, writer, actor, director
  • Senator Harry Reid; Arctic champion in the US Senate
  • Miho Aida; filmmaker When Gwich in Women Speak
    George Schaller; legendary wildlife biologist
  • Kit DesLauriers; Extreme ski mountaineer and North Face Athlete
  • Stacy Bare; veteran, director Sierra Club Outdoors
  • Heather Zichal; former Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change
  • Ted Alvarez; comedian/journalist for Grist.org, now at Backpacker magazine
  • Florian Schulz; German conservation photographer working on WE ARE THE ARCTIC film
  • Tom Campion; business leader, outdoor-industry retailer, and Arctic activist
  • Bella Parra; Alaska Wilderness League activist, age 12
  • Genevieve Chase; founder, American Women Veterans
  • Robert Thompson; Anti-drilling Inupiat adventure guide
  • Karsten Heuer; author of Being Caribou , Canadian environmentalist
  • Nick Jans; Alaskan author of eleven books including A Wolf Called Romeo
  • Lorraine Netro; Gwich in leader, Old Crow, Yukon
  • Bishop MacDonald; Indigenous Bishop of Canada (former Bishop of Alaska)
  • Mark Magana; founder, Green Latinos
  • Lenny Kohm (essay about); National Outreach Coordinator, Alaska Coalition
  • Jimmy Carter; former president and Arctic champion
  • David Allen Sibley, ornithologist; renowned guidebook author/artist
  • Jim Campbell, Vietnam veteran, Alaska businessman/wilderness guide