Living with Wolves

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Emmy Award–winning filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived with the wolves of Idaho’s Sawtooth Pack for six years in a tented camp at the edge of wilderness, gaining the wolves’ trust and observing their daily social interactions up close. A companion to the Dutchers’ Discovery Channel documentary of the same name, Living with Wolves celebrates the magnificent creature in word and image. This intimate portrayal familiarizes us with an animal that, in addition to being a successful predator, is intelligent, playful, individualistic, and resolutely devoted to family. Upon better acquaintance, the much-misunderstood wolf emerges as an animal worthy of admiration.

Living with Wolves works to overturn the negative stereotype of wolves as dangerous to humans—and encourages people to instead fight for their protection. As demonstrated by the 1995 reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park, a healthy wolf population is integral to a healthy ecosystem.

Shown on the Discovery Channel in May 2005, the documentary version of Living with Wolves was nominated for an Emmy Award for cinematography. The Dutchers have been nominated for a total of five Emmys—and have received three. To go to the DVD site, click here.

Through their own nonprofit organization, Living with Wolves, Jim and Jamie Dutcher are planning a traveling photographic exhibit, as well as book and video donations to public and school libraries. Their organization's mission is to create broad-based public awareness of wolves, their intelligence, their complex social life and remarkable family structure, and their importance to a viable ecosystem.

Braided River partnered with The Wilderness Society on this project. Founded in 1935, The Wilderness Society protects American wilderness through the potent combination of science, advocacy, and education. It works to inspire Americans to care for our wild places.

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