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Jeff Fair - Essayist

Jeff Fair

Freelance field biologist and author Jeff Fair has studied and written about loons (and other wild spirits) from Maine to Alaska for 35 years.  Formally trained as a wildlife biologist (M.S. Wildlife Ecology, UNH), he has also trapped and radio-collared grizzly bears in the Yellowstone back country, worn the badge and uniform of a Utah game warden (one career arrest), and introduced snakes to tourists as a US Forest Service naturalist in Oklahoma.  He has made his home and his living in Alaska since 1995.


In 2002 he coauthored Audubon Alaska’s Western Arctic Summary and Synthesis of Resources (pertaining to the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska) and published his Status and Significance of Yellow-billed Loons in Alaska (The Wilderness Society).  The latter document led to a finding by the US Fish and Wildlife Service that yellow-bills are warranted for Endangered Species Act listing.


Jeff’s essays have appeared in Audubon magazine, Alaska magazine, Natural History, The Christian Science Monitor, Equinox, Ranger Rick, and Appalachia, where he is a contributing editor.  His writing has been anthologized in Loons: Song of the Wild (Voyageur Press 1996), Travelers’ Tales Alaska (Travelers Tales 2003), Arctic Wings (The Mountaineers Books 2006), Arctic Voices (Seven Stories Press 2012), and On Arctic Ground (Braided River 2012).  He has received the National Press Club’s Travel Journalism Award and the National Wildlife Federation’s Farrand/Strohm Writing Award.  His books include The Great American Bear (NorthWord 1990) and three children’s wildlife titles.


Jeff continues his field work with common and yellow-billed loons in Alaska, Maine, and northern Canada, with an eye on the Russian Far East.  He writes in the loft of his quiet little cabin on Lazy Mountain, across the river from Palmer.

Jeff Fair contributed "Angels in the Mist" to Arctic Wings: Birds of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Braided River, 2006) and was a contributor to On Arctic Ground: Tracking Time in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve.