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William H. Meadows - Foreword

William H. Meadows

William H. Meadows, president of The Wilderness Society since 1996, has been active in conservation for more than thirty years. He credits Earth Day, founded by his colleague at The Wilderness Society, former Senator Gaylord Nelson, as the catalyst for his involvement. He first became engaged in environmental issues as a volunteer leader in his home state of Tennessee. Meadows began his professional career at his alma mater, Vanderbilt University. Later he was vice president for college relations at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. His professional conservation career began in 1992, when he became director of the Sierra Club’s Centennial Campaign. He has worked on national efforts to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Rocky Mountain Front, the Northern Forest, and the Southern Appalachians, and provides leadership on wilderness campaigns in Utah, Alaska, California, and Washington State.

Besides serving on the Steering Committee of the White Cloud Council and on the Advisory Council for the Biodiversity Project, Meadows has also been an active leader in the Green Group. He is a member of the board of the National League of Conservation Voters, Campaign for America’s Wilderness, American Wilderness Coalition, The Murie Center, Island Press, and the National Wildlife Refuge Association.

William Meadows contributed "Arctic Refuge: Key to Saving Wild America" to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land (Braided River, 2003) and the foreword to Living with Wolves (Braided River, 2005).