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David Allen Sibley - Introduction

David Allen Sibley

David Allen Sibley, son of the well-known ornithologist Fred Sibley, began seriously watching and drawing birds in 1969, at age seven. He has written and illustrated articles on bird identification for many regional and national publications, as well as several books. Since 1980 Sibley has traveled throughout North America in search of birds, both on his own and as a leader of birdwatching tours, and has lived in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. This intensive travel and bird study culminated in the publication of his comprehensive guide to bird identification—National Audubon Society, The Sibley Guide to Birdsin the fall of 2000, and the companion volume—National Audubon Society, The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior—in the fall of 2001. Sibley now lives in Concord, Massachusetts, where he continues to study and draw birds.

David Sibley contributed "Visiting the Birds at their Summer Home" to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land (Braided River, 2003) and the introduction to Arctic Wings: Birds of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Braided River, 2006). To view his artwork, visit