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David Suzuki - Foreword

David Suzuki

David Suzuki, a highly acclaimed geneticist and environmental thinker, is the author of forty books, including The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature. He has won numerous academic awards and holds sixteen honorary degrees in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Since 1979, he has been host of the Canadian television series The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, for which he has won four Gemini Awards. Recognized as a world leader in sustainable ecology, he is the recipient of UNESCO’s Kalinga Prize for Science, the United Nations Environment Program Medal, and the Global 500, an is a member of the Royal Society of Canada and the Order of Canada. He is founder and chair of the David Suzuki Foundation and is professor emeritus of the University of British Columbia, Sustainable Development Research Institute. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Dr. Suzuki contributed the foreword to Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam (Braided River, 2005). To learn more about him and the David Suzuki Foundation, visit