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Gary Tabor - Essayist

Gary Tabor

Gary Tabor is currently Executive Director of the Center for Large Landscape Conservation. He was trained as a wildlife veterinarian and ecologist. His career spans international and North American wildlife conservation domains, including seven years in East Africa and one year in South America. After helping to establish several protected areas abroad, Tabor was asked by his African colleagues to name any of his successes back home. This epiphany led to his catalytic involvement in helping to transform the Y2Y vision from theory to reality—first as associate director of the Henry P. Kendall Foundation in 1995, then as head of Wilburforce Foundation's Bozeman, Montana, office and its Yellowstone to Yukon Program. Gary is a Senior Fellow at the University of Montana Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy. He is Senior Advisor on Climate Adaptation for the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, and Co-founder of the Freedom to Roam Wildlife Corridor Initiative.

Tabor contributed "Y2Y Today: Where We Are and Where We Go from Here"—with Harvey Locke—to Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam (Braided River, 2005).