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Rick Bass - Essayist

Rick Bass

Rick Bass is the author of twenty-one books of fiction and nonfiction, including The Ninemile Wolves, The Roadless Yaak: Reflections and Observations About One of Our Last Wilderness Areas, The Diezmo, The Lives of Rocks, and most recently, Why I Came West: A Memoir. His stories have been awarded the Pushcart Prize and the O. Henry Award and have been collected in The Best American Short Stories. Bass is a board member of the Yaak Valley Forest Council, Round River Conservation Studies, Cabinet Resource Group, and Montana Wilderness Association. For nearly twenty years he has been active in the attempts to help protect the last roadless lands of the Yaak Valleythe lowest elevation, wettest habitat, and narrowest bottleneck of the Y2Y section of the United States. Known as Montana’s only rainforest, the Yaak still doesn’t have a single acre of designated wilderness.

Rick Bass contributed "The Courage of Hope" to Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam (Braided River, 2005).