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Nick Jans - Essayist

Nick Jans

Nick Jans is a longtime contributing editor to Alaska Magazine and a member of USA Today's board of editorial contributors. He has written seven books, including The Grizzly Maze: Timothy Treadwell's Fatal Obsession with Alaska's Bears, A Place Beyond: Finding Home in Arctic Alaska, and Tracks of the Unseen. He has published more than two hundred magazine articles and won a number of literary awards, most recently a 2006 Ben Franklin Award. He is also a professional photographer who specializes in wildlife and bush Alaska. Jans lived and taught school for twenty years in remote Native communities and currently makes his home in Juneau with his wife, Sherrie, three dogs, two parrots, and a varying array of critters that need a hand.

Nick Jans contributed "Living with Oil: The Real Price" to The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World (Braided River, 2008). He is also an essayist for Planet Ice (Braided River, 2009).