"Crown of the Continent" Now Available

Discover "where the Rockies come alive"—where the spirit of the Wild West thrives alongside the Great Outdoors in the Crown of the Continent.

Crown of the Continent: The Wildest Rockies, a new large-format photography book by Steven Gnam, is now available from Braided River. You can find Crown of the Continent at bookstores throughout the country, or online through The Mountaineers Books.

About the Book

Through photographs and essays from locals who live and work in the region, the new book Crown of the Continent explores the surprising connections between culture, history, communities, and the Great Outdoors in one of the world’s most majestic regions. Their combined images and words provide a glimpse of what Lewis and Clark encountered on their expedition in the early 1800s and where, today, the landscape, natural flora and fauna, and the people who rely on the region are undeniably connected.

In these pages photographer Steven Gnam takes us into the very heart and soul of the wildest Rockies. Having explored the area since a young child, he's travelled by foot, ski, and bike—and at times snorkeling underwater alongside trout—thousands of miles to showcase the wild spirit of a special place he considers home.

Wildlife biologist and critically acclaimed author Douglas Chadwick contributes an essay on the area's biodiversity and close proximity to vibrant communities. Longtime Missoulian journalist and now Crown of the Continent Program Manager for National Parks Conservation Association Michael Jamison outlines the human history in the Crown and the progress made in preserving both landscape and livelihood. Dylan Boyle, of The Crown of the Continent Geotourism Council, contributes the section "Experiencing the Crown" with tips for visiting ten natural and cultural sites within the region. And Karsten Heuer, executive director of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, provides an epilogue that encourages conservation and lends a personal voice for the Canadian region of the Crown.

About the Project

Braided River's Crown of the Continent integrated media campaign includes a book, website, event tour, and media outreach featuring Steven Gnam's images and stories from the region, all focused on acheiving on-the-ground conservation outcomes. The epic grandeur of the Crown of the Continent ecosystem has long drawn an audience well beyond the region. However, there is still a great deal of work to be done to build affinity for the entire region as the tremendous asset that it is. Braided River builds brands with overarching messages and themes that resonate with common shared human values; they are adaptable to the array of conservation opportunities that can arise in politically fluid circumstances. Our Crown of the Continent communication and marketing tools will proved a direct benefit to over a dozen of grassroots organizations in both Canada and the United States who are working to protect this region.

To learn more visit www.wildestrockies.org.