"Crown of the Continent" authors present in Seattle July 24

Crown of the Continent authors will bring the wildest Rockies to Seattle for the BeWild series at the Mountaineers Program Center on July 24. Braided River supporters are invited to go behind the scenes and beyond the book at a special reception before the event. 

Purchase tickets online for the event or reception and event, or call Jill Eikenhorst at 206-223-6303x132.

DOUGLAS CHADWICK is a wildlife biologist, author, photographer and frequent National Geographic contributor, since his first assignment in 1977 up to his most recent articles on cougars, wolverines and Gobi bears.

STEVEN GABRIEL GNAM is a professional photographer who has focused on the wildlands, wildlife, and peoples of the North American West. His work has been featured by clients including Patagonia, National Geographic Books, Outside magazine, Oprah, The Nature Conservancy, and The Trust for Public Land.

Learn more about Crown of the Continent at www.wildestrockies.org, or purchase a book.