Here's how a book can protect the Arctic

Lily-101When 11-and-a-half year old Lily Maltz finished looking through Journey to the Arctic, she snapped the book shut and said “Yeah, they really need to not drill in the Arctic.” 

Her reaction surprised her mother, as the Arctic was not a regular topic of conversation at their house, but, as it turned out, Lily had been learning about resource extraction in the Arctic at school on the very day she saw Journey to the Arctic.

Of course, we were thrilled to hear about Lily’s reaction to the book. This is JUST the sort of response we hope for, and I had to know more about what prompted it. I gave a Lily a call to chat with her about it, and I was struck by her thoughtfulness and poise. I hope you enjoy reading these highlights from our chat. 

BR: I am glad you liked Journey to the Arctic. What photos did you like the most?

Lily: Well, the baby ringed seals are so-o cute, especially the upside-down ones. I also loved the photo of Emil holding the baby caribou because it’s just so caring. Other people would have looked at that little caribou and said ‘oh well, it’s separated from its mother’ and walked away. Not Emil. She made sure it got back to its mom.

BR: And I understand you’re learning about the Arctic in school? 

Lily: Yes, we were reading a “Time for Kids” article called “Who Owns the Arctic?” which was about the resources there and different industries like fishing, tourism and mining. 


BR: You don’t think we should drill in the Arctic. Why not?

Lily: There’s really valuable stuff there. But if you mine and drill and there’s a leak, then that’s it for the wildlife. Everything will fall like dominoes. And then there’d be no Arctic. 

BR: Did the book give you any ideas on what you could do to help protect the Arctic?

Lily: Not so much ideas. But, it gave me inspiration. [long pause] If people bond together, they could probably go to their Senators and ask that no one can drill or mine there, so it’s world-widely protected.

BR: If you could give a copy of Journey to the Arctic to anyone, who would you want to give it to?

Lily: I would want to give it to someone who would 1. appreciate it, and 2. someone who would say, ‘okay, we have to defend the Arctic and all the creatures.’

100,000 More Champions

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