Our Mission

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Braided River is committed to inspiring support for critical conservation efforts. We combine the arts of photography and literature to create books, media campaigns, multimedia presentations, and museum exhibits that change perspectives and engage audiences beyond the traditional environmental core. By developing partnerships with like-minded organizations and building broader public support, we inspire action that results in on-the-ground victories for wilderness preservation.

As someone who has worked with a number of publishers, I can honestly say that Braided River is right up there at the top. Working with Helen Cherullo and others at the company has been one of the most satisfying, enjoyable experiences I've had. No other publisher has a stronger sense of mission, and their unwavering dedication to producing work that engages people in the critical environmental issues of the day is truly remarkable.Lori Rick, MacGillivray Freeman Films

Inspired by the work of talented and committed nature photographers, each of our projects includes a large-format photography book addressing a critical threat to wilderness. We use the book to develop a range of visual storytelling tools that tap into a narrative about who we are and what we most value. The photographers and Braided River work with conservation and grassroot organizations from the beginning of each project to identify viable conservation campaigns, timelines, and how our work can make an impact. Braided River then collaborates with partner organizations to develop public outreach campaigns that include presentations, publicity, and exhibits that reach beyond the printed page and connect with diverse audiences from both within and outside the traditional environmental core.

We help shape the conversation about the importance of preserving wild places. We have reached over 50,000 people through our outreach presentations and exhibits—and millions more through print and digital media. A branch from the nonprofit Mountaineers Books publishing company, we have sold over 80,000 books to date.

Our current projects focus on two interconnected themes: the impacts of climate change on the natural world and the importance of preserving biodiversity through saving wilderness, specifically connected wildlife corridors and biologically rich regions. Some of our work includes the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Yellowstone to Yukon ecoregion, and Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest.

Braided River is an avid supporter and promoter of the photographers we work with, all of whom have devoted their lives to capturing and expressing—in images and personal stories—their unique visions of the natural world.


The Mountaineers Books, our Publishing Partner

Since 1960, The Mountaineers Books—the nonprofit  publishing division of The Mountaineers in Seattle, Washington—has published over a thousand titles on how to enjoy and protect the natural world.